Bird sanctuaries in India – Ornithologist’s paradise

Bird SanctuarBird Sanctuaries in Indiaies in India are the superb and favorite places for all the Ornithologists. Most of the bird lovers come here to explore different varieties of birds. Here, you would be able to discover several domestic and migratory birds which are available in various bird sanctuaries such as Mayani bird sanctuary, Porbandar bird sanctuary, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Nawabganj bird sanctuary etc. All such wonderful sanctuaries can be explored in various states of the country viz. Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala, Rajasthan and lots more.

Now, we will talk about some splendid bird sanctuaries in India:

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Located: Porbandar district of Gujarat

Famous for: Avian varieties

Domestic birds: Coot, Gull, Pintail, Ibis, Pelicans, Spoonbill, Red Shank, Jacanas, Avocet, Tern, Little Cormorants, Egret, Little Grebe, Heron, Shoveller, Whistling Teal Pintails, Ruffs, Heron.

Migratory birds: Waterfowl and Flamingos.

Best time to visit: From October to March.

Getting there:

By Air: Nearest airport is at Porbandar, around 5 km.

By Rail: Nearest railway Station is at Porbandar, about 5 km.

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is the superb park for all the bird watchers.

Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Located: Satara district of Maharashtra

Famous for: Thrilling bird species

Domestic birds: Stork, Northern Shoveler, Kingfishers etc.

Migratory birds: Brahminy Ducks, Coot, Painted Storks, Black Ibis, Common Spoon Bills, Flamingoes.

Best time to visit: From November to January.

Getting there:

By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai airport.

By Rail: Nearest rail junction is at Satara.

Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Mayani Bird Sanctuary is the awesome bird park for all the ornithologists.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Located: Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh

Famous for: Exotic bird species

Domestic birds: Indian Moorhen, Koel, Dove, Egret, Indian Roller, Sarus Crane, Painted Stork, Peacock, White Ibis, Whistling teal, Open Billed Stork, White Necked Stork, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Bronze Winged Jacana, Purple Moorhen, Lapwing, Tern vulture, Pigeon, King Crow, Red Crested Pochard, Spoonbill, White Breasted Water Hen.

Migratory birds: Cotton Teal, Red-Crested Pochard, Greylag Goose, Pintail, Gadwall, Shoveler, Coot and Mallard.

Best time to visit: All over the year but the best season to watch migratory birds is from November to March.

Getting there:

By Air: Amausi airport around 45 km from Lucknow.

By Rail: 02 km from Kusumbi Junction.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

Visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.


Awesome Wildlife tours in India

Indian wildlife is a wonderful tourist places to savor. The country is rich with several wildlife places viz. national parks, bird sanctuaries, tiger reserves and rest of the wildlife spots as well. You can explore the variety of species of animals, birds and reptiles at the renowned wildlife places of India.

Tourists come in India to discover the best known treasures which have seen never before by the visitors. Among all the attractions, the wildlife of India is also a nice concept to know about the rare species of lions, elephants, snakes etc. You can explore them in the famous national parks and bird sanctuaries of India. Besides it, the green gardens and dense forests are also counted as the parts of wildlife attractions in India. The wildlife followers like to visit in India for discovering the rare species of animals, birds and reptiles as well. Tourists can manage their Wildlife tour in India via Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari as well. Besides it, you can also hire a wildlife tourist guide for jungle trips in India. The tourist guide will help you to explore the rare species of tiger, snakes, crocodiles, birds etc. at the popular wildlife sites of India.

Some of the popular wildlife places in India are:

Bird Sanctuaries in India

The bird lovers can explore the rare species of migrated birds in the prominent bird sanctuaries in India. At such wildlife places, you can discover the rare species of birds like Eagles, Ducks, Hawks, Shanks, Flycatchers, Sparrow, Stints, Rosy Pelican, Parrot, Cuckoo etc.

Some of the highly acclaimed Bird Sanctuaries in India are:

• Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

• Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

• Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

• Mayani Bird Sanctuary

• Kunthankulam Bird Sanctuary

• Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Visit any of the bird sanctuaries in India and discover the hard to find species of the birds with ease.

Wildlife Tiger in India

Many of the wildlife enthusiasts do come in India to see the rare species of tigers. For instance, the “Royal Bengal tiger” and “white tiger” are very much popular in India. Besides it, you can also discover the rare species of tigers at the renowned tiger reserves of the country.

Some of the popular wildlife tiger reserve destinations in India are:

• Jim Corbett National Park

• Kaziranga Tiger Reserve

• Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

• Kanha Tinger Reserve

• Sunderbans National Park

Thus, you can explore the rare species of wildlife tigers in India at the above mentioned tiger reserves of the country.

National parks in India

The rest of the species of the animals, birds and reptiles can be explored at the renowned India wildlife sanctuaries as well. At such places, you can find the rare species of crocodiles, snakes, monkey and many more.

Some of the highly acclaimed National parks in India are:

• Kaziranga National Park

• Ranthambore National Park

• Jim Corbett National Park

• Periyar National Park

• Kanha National Park

Visit any of the National Parks in India and explore the rare species of animals, birds and reptiles as well.

Visit Kaziranga National Park and Mayani Bird Sanctuary.