Wildlife in India, plunge into the gaunt lanes and witness the wild

Wildlife in India.jpgWhat can be more enthralling than a journey into the Wildlife In India There will be no journey which will be as thrilling as a journey into the wild. The narrow gaunt lanes disappearing into the thick forests will take you on a breath taking journey in to India’s wildlife that is a home to rare and unique families of the wild. All one will witness here is a mix and match of diverse species of animals and birds and a perfect amalgamation of the rich flora and fauna that makes India’s wildlife a lot more alluring to avid tourists who travel to this place to experience the adrenaline rush.

National Parks in India

If one talks about the national parks in India, India is a home to the world famous Jim Corbett National Park which was the first National Park that was established in the year 1936. The National parks not only serve as protected areas for the unique wildlife that India possesses but also provide ample opportunities to the visitors to have a close encounters with the wild. The most alluring feature of the National Parks in India is the variance that exists when it comes to flora, avifauna and aqua fauna which can be witnessed in their natural surroundings, thus taking a trip to the national parks will always be worthwhile.

Bird Sanctuaries in India

Bird Sanctuaries in India.jpgIndia, a country that shelters a varied collection of exotic bird species in its Bird Sanctuaries, the Indian bird sanctuaries are no less than bird watcher’s paradise. Bird Sanctuaries in India breed some of the very rare families of birds both native and migratory. For some, India is their permanent home but for the others this country is merely a make shift home to which they travel to and after spending a particular span of time or a season they fly back to their native land. Birds’ sanctuaries here truly serve as a kingdom of birds.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Even Wildlife Sanctuaries in India are world renowned for the animal and the bird kingdom that shares space with them. India has numerous Wildlife Sanctuaries that work to best conserve the unique wildlife of India that is worth witnessing.

Visit : Kaziranga National Park and Kanha National park.


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