National Parks in India – Wildlife at Its Best

National Parks in India

National parks in India offer ample opportunities to visitors to experience close encounter with the wildlife. Abundance of flora, fauna and living species make these national Parks unique in nature.

Moving across the national parks in India is a different experience altogether for the visitors and tourists. Whether moving in a grilled safari bus, or an open jeep, or even on elephant back, these parks offer so great variances that the traveler will have unique experience while visiting them. Since the first national park, Hailey, was established in 1921, India has move on to create 165 more such national parks across the country.

Bandhavgarh National Park is the place where white tigers were discovered for the first time in India. It is the combination of some of the left out wildlife pockets in Madhya Pradesh. Another great location for the visitors from every part of the world is the Kaziranga National Park in Assam on the banks of Brahmaputra River with swamps and tall and thick elephant grass that makes it an ideal abode for Indian one horned Rhinos. Besides Rhinos, the park also has a substantially large population of elephants, Bison, Swamp Deer, Hog Deer, and Sloth Bears, Jungle Cats and Leopard Cats and multiple others. Major attraction in Kaziranga is the Elephant Safari.

Located in the joining points of the Aravalli hill ranges with the Vindhyan plateau, Ranthambore National Park was the hunting preserve of the Rajas of Jaipur. There are six man made lakes and several perennial streams. Abundance of flora with Dhok tree the most prominent among them makes the park attraction place for botanists from all parts of the world.

Corbett National Park named after the famous hunter Jim Corbett, is the oldest national park in the country and was established in 1921 as Hailey National Park. It is a protected area housing the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Numerous other such parks and protected forests exist in the country and getting a reliable and reputable provider can resolve the problem of choosing the parks to visit during the visitor’s trip to India.

Visit National Parks in India and Kanha National park.


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